Royal British Legion Croxley Green

161-163 Watford Road, Croxley Green, Hertfordshire, WD3 3ED
01923 443210


It was agreed that the following items/procedures would be put in place for the reopening of the Club on Saturday 4th July.

1. Entry requirements
Entry would only be premitted to British Legion Members / guests / families. All entrants would be required to sign in each and every time they entered the Club. (See item 3 for more details).

2. Opening hours

The following opening times would apply:

• Monday to Thursday - 4pm to 8pm
• Friday – 4pm to 10pm
• Saturday – Noon to 10pm
• Sunday – Noon to 5pm

3. Entry and Exit routes

Entry would be via the rear emergency door that leads into the snooker area. Members / guests will proceed anti-clockwise to the table by the snooker cue stand, where they will sign and and clean their hands using the hand gel supplied. The member and party may elect to find a table and sit down or the member may decide to join the queue to order drinks (see item 4 for more details).

Exit will be via the corridor from the pool area that leads to the rear of the building (blue door). The door from the bar to the pool area will be kept open while the Club is open. No entry will be allowed through the blue exit door. For later in the year when the weather becomes inclement, entry/exit points may be altered eg using the front (hall) door. If so, relevant signs will be put up and tape put down to show the route.

The door to the pool area could be a pinch point as people leaving meet people returning from the toilet. There is no real way to mitigate this other than ask members to take care and use their common sense.

4. Ordering drinks from the bar

Only one person per party can order and collect drinks from the bar. The queue will run from left to right as you approach the bar. It will be identified by signs on the bar and tape will go on the floor to show the relevant social distancing points.

The ordering point will be identified on the bar. Drinks are ordered from this point. Bar staff will prepare the drinks order and, when ready, the orderer will be asked to come forward and pay for and collect their drinks. Payment by card would be recommended but cash would be taken if necessary.

5. Glass Collection

All empty/used glasses are to be placed on a table by the snooker table. They are not to be placed on the bar. They will be collected from that point by bar staff as and when time allows.

6. Fruit machine use

Only one fruit machine will be in operation. This will be the machine that gives cash prizes so there will be no extra interaction with the bar. No-one can stand next to the person playing the machine. A table will be provided next to the fruit machine, which will provide hand sanitiser and wet wipes or a cloth for wiping down the machine after each use.

Please decide - Wet wipe or cloth

7. Maximum capacities

Three areas will be available for the consumption of drinks. These, along with their maximum capacities are as follows:

• Outside area – max capacity 32
• Club bar area – max capacity 32
• Hall area – max capacity 32

7. Family groups

Family groups will be allowed and some family tables will be provided for family groups. Bar staff can ask if the group is a true family group under current legislation but must take any answer in trust.
A portion of the hall will be set aside for these tables plus certain tables in the Club bar and outside area. These can be used by all members if there is no demand from family groups. One table in the outside area will be reserved for family groups and will be non-smoking.

Children within all family groups but be supervised by the responsible adults at all times. Cross-contamination must be kept to a minimum so children must not be allowed to touch equipment, games and other services if at all possible. To assist in this, all games/pool cues etc will be locked away.

8. Toilets

The urinals in both men’s toilets have been taped over to ensure we meet social distancing requirements. Hence each men’s toilet will be one in/one out. A notice will be put against each toilet to cover this and it is hoped that members will exercise their common sense regarding this issue.
Hand gel will be provided outside each toilet and members will be asked to use it before and after use of the facilities.

9. Bar area

This area will be seating only, except for the following:

• Queuing to place a drinks order.
• Collecting and paying for drinks.
• Putting used/empty glasses on the collection table.
• Visits to the toilet.
10. Outside area

With the exception of the family table (see item 7), all tables will be available on a first come, first served basis. Social distancing rules will apply.

11. Posters

The following posters will be required.

• Signpost to entrance (Poster 1)
• Members only notice (Poster 2)
• Members sign in notice (Poster 3)
• Queue here notice (to order drinks) (Poster 4)
• Order drinks here notice (Poster 5)
• Glasses collection point notice (Poster 6)
• Fruit machine notice (Poster 7)
• Notice re use of toilets (Poster 8)
• Notice to go on table tops in holders and in the various poster holders round the building (Poster 9)

12. Disregarding the new rules

A notice will be put up stating that anyone, who wilfully and continuously flouts the new procedures in operation will be banned from entering the Club for two weeks. (See Poster 9).

13. Members / guests are now allowed to “sign in” 2 guests at a time, they must ensure their guest(s) follow both the government’s signing in procedures and also sign the RBL visitors signing in book. The member shall be responsible for their guests behaviour and follow our COVID-19 protocols at all times. The guest(s) shall leave the club premises if the member leaves. Any guests are only allowed in the club once in any one 28 day period.

We now have Real Ales and draft Guinness available again.